FlexThink seminar is an opportunity for automation customers to learn how to take advantage of Ewon products and Talk2M to easily collect equipment data to monitor and provide additional services using application & services from our IoT Partners. This is also a great opportunity hearing key application about how they use Ewon products to get started IoT and transforming your business.


The ideal FlexThink seminar participants are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning how the Ewon product line can benefits to his organization.

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15:00 | Registration

15:30 | Welcome and introduction

Industrie 4.0 Compliance is becoming useful for many manufacturing units. Masibus and HMS are working to create an Eco-System of IT and OT Integrators for benefit of Manufacturing Industry in West India. 

15:45 | Industrial IoT: The HMS & Ewon vision and Internet Security and customer IT acceptance

Industrial IoT has been our business in Ewon since 2004! Ewon and HMS are happy to share their insights on the future of IoT and show you how predictive maintenance and asset management will create new business models for machine builders and integrators. This presentation shows how you set goals and priorities.

16:30 | Cloud Protocols HTTPS, MQTT etc..

All you want to know about collecting data from Field and sending it to cloud.

16:45 | Break

17:00 | Ewon Flexy 205 product presentation

The new Flexy 205 is the Best IIoT gateway, so we explain why this powerful device is the way to go to collect the data from the machine. Here, with these demos, we present you some new features like eCatcher Mobile, the PLC Discovery function and we will introduce you to the new user interface

17:45 | Flexy - The IIoT gateway - Getting the most from your Flexy

Learn how the Flexy’s onboard data services interface with any PLCs in order to provide data acquisition and allow you to easily monitor your systems, manage your alarms, store long historical data, build custom reports and design your own web interface. Demonstrate the easy integration with Industrial IIoT application. MQTT / OPC UA demonstration

18:15 | Ready Made IIoT Solutions

Get the IT side of the ready to use Dash Boards and Analytics on Eronkan Platform


18:30 | Ready Made IioT Solutions
Get the IT side of the ready to use Dash Boards and Analytics on  Zoho corporation webNMS Platform

19:00 | Live Demos

Flexy + Efive + SCADA connectivity

19:20 Comprehensive security and availability of the Ewon & Talk2M solution - Practical tips for implementation in practice and Q&A session

19:45 Conclusions Followed by Dinner

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EroNkan’s Industrial IoT Platform provides world class infrastructure that enables IoT technology to be applied across various industries and verticals. EroNkan provides tools, technology, consulting and insights into industrial processes, machine performance and shop floor dynamics so that effective and timely decisions can be taken at both ground level and senior management to improve productivity, quality and availability across the organisation at all levels.


Dominique Blanc - HMS Industrial Networks

eWON Business Developer

Santosh Tatte - HMS Networks

Country Manager

Devang Kachhiya - Masibus

National Sales Manager

Milind Raval - Masibus

Business Manager

Harshad Oza - Masibus

Regional Manager

Deepak Sharma - Masibus

Sales Executive

Moses Mhankale - HMS Networks

Technical Services Manager

Nikunj Patel - Masibus

Project Engineer

Rahul Rathore - Masibus

Project Engineer

Diksha Saxsena - Masibus

Project Engineer

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The Venue


Novotel Ahmedabad ,

ISKCON Cross Road, S.G. Highway. Ahmedabad – 380015. India

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