FlexThink seminar is an opportunity for automation customers to learn how to take advantage of eWON products and Talk2M to easily collect equipment data to monitor and provide additional services using application & services from our IoT Partners. This is also a great opportunity hearing key application about how they use eWON products to get started IoT and transforming your business.


The ideal FlexThink seminar participants are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning how the eWON product line can benefits to his organization.

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08:30 | Registration

09:30 AM | Welcome and introduction by HMS India.

09:40 AM | Industrial IoT : eWON strategy for IIoT and Remote Data By HMS / CMOS

                    Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 is not just a buzzword, it is a reality for HMS/eWON since
                    several years now.  Learn how the eWON products line fits the automation market for
                    making your machine connected, smart and IIoT ready. CMOS and HMS are working to
                    create a Eco System of IT and OT Integrators for benefit of Industry in South India. 


10:00 AM | Prerequisites for your IIoT project By HMS India
                     We give you an overview of what is necessary to succeed with your IIoT project, as well
                     as practical tips and methods.


10:10 AM | Internet Security and customer IT acceptance By Dominique Blanc
                     Security is top priority for HMS. Discover HMS/eWON security architecture and how
                     eWON products and services are designed to keep customers networks safe and learn
                     best practices to be apply in your project to minimize security risks.


10:30 to 10:50 Tea / Coffee Break


10:50 AM | Flexy – The Complete IIoT Gateway – Getting Most from your Flexy. By Moses & Siva
                      The eWON IIoT Vision, Concept, Maturity Model, Industrie 4.0, IT / OT Integration.


11:10 AM | Develop New Business Models with Talk2M Data Services  By Siva and Gokul
                      Learn about Advance Features of Talk2M, Data Mailbox and Dedicated APIs.


11:30 AM | Explanation of the key features of the new eWON Flexy 205 - including practical
                    demonstration  BY Siva & Gokul


11:50 AM | Integration with External Analytics and Cloud Environment By Moses and Siva
                      HTTPS / MQTT Data Services… Enablers for Posting the Data to almost ANY cloud 
                      Flexy has these services Built - in.


12:35 PM | Comprehensive security and availability of the eWON & Talk2M solution - Practical tips for implementation By Dominique Blanc


12:55 PM | Lunch break


13:30 PM | Ready Made IIoT Solutions by Maxbyte
Get the IT side of the ready to use Dash Boards and Analytics on ThingWorks

13:50 PM | Analytics on Cloud by Hitachi Consulting Co.
Machine performance from Cloud. Ready to Use IIoT on Cloud.


14:10 PM |  Questions and Answers  


14:20 PM |  Conclusions


Moses Mahankale - HMS Industrial Networks India Pvt Ltd

Manager Customer Support

Gokul P Deshpande - C/MOS Processors


32 years in Automation

R. Sivakumar- C/MOS Processors

Manager Remote Solutions

Tech Support for Remote Access 12 Yrs.

Dominique Blanc - HMS Industrial Networks

eWON Business Developer

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The Venue


Hotel Lemon Tree, 54B/55A, Hosur Main Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Bengaluru, Pincode 560100

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