FlexThink seminar is a unique opportunity for industrial companies to learn how to take advantage of Ewon products and Talk2M to easily collect data from their equipment, allowing them to perform remote monitoring and provide added-value services such as predictive maintenance. It is also a great opportunity to hear about other companies’ applications and how they are using Ewon products to fulfill their IIoT needs and transform their business.


The ideal FlexThink seminar participants are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning how their organization can benefit from the Ewon Remote Solutions.




12:30 | Arrival & Registration of guests


12:45 | Lunch

13:45 | Welcome Speech

13:50 | Presentation of I-linear Automation Sdn Bhd

I-Linear is a leading supplier of all kinds of Industrial Automation Systems and Components and the distributor of HMS Industrial Networks in Malaysia. I-Linear strives to provide its Customers with the best value of Products and Services.


14:00 | Industrial IoT: The HMS / Ewon vision

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 are not just buzzwords, they have been a reality for HMS/Ewon for several years now. Learn how the Ewon product line fits the automation market for making your machine connected, smart and IIoT ready.


14:30 | Remote Access : Security and IT Acceptance

HMS/Ewon is the global leader of industrial Remote Access, and security is its top priority. Discover HMS/Ewon’s security approach and how Ewon products and services are designed to keep customers’ networks safe. Learn the best practices to be applied in your project to minimize risks.


15:00 | Break / Viewing of Demos

15:30 | Flexy 205: the IIoT Gateway

Learn how the Flexy onboard data services interface with any PLC to provide data acquisition and allow you to easily monitor your systems, manage your alarms, store historical data, send data to your server or cloud platform, and design your own web dashboard.


15:45 | Flexy 205 Live Demo

16:00 | Easy collection of machine data with Talk2M DataMailbox

With its powerful Remote Access features, the Talk2M cloud makes it easy to remotely access your machines for troubleshooting, but it can do so much more. Learn about DataMailbox, Talk2M’s easy data collection service, as well as other data collection methods, such as MQTT, that allow to smoothly feed your IIoT application with data from all your machines.


16:15 | IIoT Partner Solution – Pluto Live & Web Report

Discover how Pluto Live Report, an IIoT software developed by EXAKOM, uses the power of the Ewon Flexy and the Talk2M DataMailbox to provide a turnkey monitoring and reporting solution, with highly customizable dashboards, reports, analysis tools and other services.

16:45 | International Success Stories


Be inspired by the success stories of companies using Ewon’s Remote Solutions to save time and money, reduce the downtime of their equipment, and provide new services to their customers.

17:00 | Lucky Draw & Closing


Tan Yung Khoon - I-linear Automation

Ewon Product Specialist

Philip Tang - HMS Industrial Networks

Area Sales Manager SEA

Martin Rolland - HMS Industrial Networks

Ewon Business Development Manager

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The Venue


Amari Johor Bahru Hotel
Sky Meeting Room, 21F
82C, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor   

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