FlexThink seminar is an opportunity for automation customers to learn how to take advantage of eWON products and Talk2M to easily collect equipment data to monitor and provide additional services using application & services from our IoT Partners. This is also a great opportunity hearing key application about how they use eWON products to get started IoT and transforming your business.

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The ideal FlexThink seminar participants are technical leaders and business development profiles who are interested in learning how the eWON product line can benefits to his organization.


09:00 | Welcome and Introductions

09:15 | Industrial IoT: HMS eWON IIoT vision

Everybody talks about Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0.
For eWON, it is not just a buzzword, it is a reality since many years.
Like everyone, we feel a new era has come where people, data and
intelligent machines intersect for far-reaching impacts on the industrial
productivity they are involved in.
(This presentation will unveil how HMS define priorities & strategic decisions)

09:45 | Pre-Requisites for your IIoT Project

• An overview of the common types of use-cases
• An overview of the various common IIoT solutions and technologies.
• What skill set is required and how do I start?
• Practical tips and tricks and some best practices to help you with your IIoT project.


10:15 | eWON Flexy - The IIoT gateway, with data acquisition

The eWON Talk2M cloud makes it easy to troubleshoot your remote
machines, but it can do so much more.
Learn how the Flexy’s on-board data drivers interface with many PLCs, to provide

• Real-time data acquisition
• Long-term historical data storage
• Real-time off-site alerts

Plus you can take the data and use it to:

• Feed real-time data to SCADA systems using OPC-UA
• Design and create your own web interface
• View these pages on any web-browser or using the eWON smartphone Apps
• Integrate your data into third-party cloud-based platforms, like Thingworx, AWS, Azure.

11:00 | Talk2M: Easy integration with external analysis & IIoT environments

Learn about Talk2M’s advanced features and dedicated APIs, plus the Fetch software from MAC Solutions.
All of these allow the user to harvest historical, logged data from eWON Flexy devices and smoothly feed it into IIoT application and services.

12:00 | eWON & Talk2M: Internet Security and customer IT acceptance

Security is top priority for HMS/eWON. Discover HMS/eWON security architecture and how eWON products and services are designed to keep customers networks safe.
Learn best practices to apply in your projects, to minimize security risks.

12:30 | End of event followed by joint lunch

13:30 | IoT Workshop

•    Step by Step Guide – How to enable API service, to read/write data via API and to share data between two Flexy units, and the demonstration of eSYNC.
•    MQTT Demonstration – How to publish data to eWON MQTT broker using BASIC scripting.
•    MQTT Demonstration – How to setup a MQTT broker to in Amazon.
•    Bridge data from eWON MQTT client to Amazon MQTT broker.
•    Create Amazon Cloud (AWS) dashboard

16:30 | End of Event


John Thomson-Dupere - Global M2M Pty Ltd

Managing Director

Event Coordinator

Tom Hu - Global M2M PTy Ltd

Technical Support Engineer

Product specialist eWON Remote Data Solutions

Davor Toncic - HMS Industrial Networks AB

eWON Business Development Manager

10+ Years working with remote solutions.

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The Venue


MERCURE NORTH MELBOURNE - Hotham Room A  Cnr Flemington Rd & Harker Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051

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